About Us
DADA Corporation is one of world’s leading headwear vendors and the trusted name in headwear manufacturing.

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CEO Message

DADA Corporation is a representative hat export company in Korea, and since its establishment in 1974, DADA Corp has grown into a leading company that exports hats to the world, including the United States and Europe.
We are currently operating a hat manufacturing plant with modern facilities in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
There are 30 employees in the headquarters and 1,400 employees in overseas subsidiaries.
DADA Corporation celebrated its 47th anniversary in 2021, and is doing its best to establish itself as a leading global hat company as an OEM/ODM company.
We deeply appreciate your interest and love for DADA Corp, and we will do our best to be reborn as a hat maker with a vision, taking charge of not only transparent management, but also social contributions.
We sincerely wish for your homes to be healthy and happy.
Thank you.