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All headwears lead to DADA
DADA Corporation is leading the global hat market with innovative hat technology and design through intensive investment in R&D. The R&D department identifies changing market trends and presents various ideas and new products to its customers.
The Design Team/Pattern Technology Team is leading the global hat market with consistent research and foresight on fashion trends. Several global brands have also recognized DADA’s design/technology/cap development capabilities.
  • Fresh and innovative development.
  • Hat shape is maintained even after washing and storage.
  • DADA Corporation has a variety of eco-friendly materials.
  • Improving our goods that are eco-friendly with the best performance materials.
  • Available in various AirThru design options.
  • Maintains optimal breathability.
  • Customized designs are also available.
  • Hexabill is a new visor design with lines that emphasize straight lines.
  • It is popular as a style for the younger generation that is bolder and gives a sense of speed.
  • DADA Corporation’s HD print is capable of expressing various looking and heights.
  • In addition, we tailor to the personality of the customer with a unique design sense.
  • Technology that emphasizes the logo in a 3D effect.
  • Domestic and Foreign Patents pending in domestic and foreign including US.
  • Effects of highlighting the content with the texture of the original material.