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Business Introduction
01. BUSINESS_사업소개————————————————-
Based on DADA Corporation’s excellent overseas sales capabilities, quality control of its overseas production bases, and production capabilities, DADA Corporation produces and exports 10 million global brand hats per year. With 47 years of production management know-how, we want to ensure our buyers have a 100% satisfaction in terms of quality and delivery.
DADA Corp. has been investing intensively in R&D to avoid price competition and differentiate its products into high value-added products. As of 2020, DADA Corp. has acquired or are pending a total of 297 intellectual property rights at home and abroad (74 US patents inclusive). DADA Corp. is moving away from the OEM method of delivering products ordered by customers. From fabric sourcing to design developed by the company, we are gradually increasing the number of Original Design Manufacturing (ODM).