It is the process of expressing an embroidery program of the design of a cap
Embroidery Design
The first step of embroidering is the process of analyzing designs and laying them out with a digitizer. It is the core process that decides the overall size of a design, the width and the direction of the embroidery, color analysis, and embroidering effect. 27,000 to 30,000 designs are annually developed. This process should always be surgical.
Embroidery punching
It is the process of making an embroidery program with a digitizer system based on the embroidery design. The embroidering techniques include a running stitch, a full stitch and a satin stitch. To maximize embroidering effects, special regard is paid to the feature of each design
Embroidery making
It is the process of automatic embroidering (20-24 pcs) according to the design, the colors and the position with a ready-made embroidery program. A final embroidery design is produced with the multiple functions of the digitizer system that operates at diverse speeds determined by the sort of fabric material and the design position.